Hon. Prince Odi Okojie in Abuja for the induction of Federal Representatives members

Federal House of representative member elect Prince Odi Okojie answering his call to duty for his constituence, Esan South East and Esan North East Federal Constituencies at the induction of members elect in Abuja.

Prince Odi Okojie is known for his vibrancy and accuracy in targeting his goals for growth, development and meeting up with his promises.

This is unaguably the first step in a long journey to representing his people snd the prospect of masses oriented deliveries.

He definitely needs the support and prayers of his constituent to achieving the purpose of the people who sent him to represent them.

Prince Odi Okojie is a young man who has seen and has felt the pangs of the system he lives in and therefore commit himself to improving the lots of his people knowing fully well that effective representation is the spring boarf to greater responsibilities