10th NASS: Clergy man urges lawmakers to elect Christians as Senate President


May 23, 2023

10th NASS: Clergy man urges lawmakers to elect Christians as Senate President

The Southern Nigeria Christian Vanguard has called on the National Assembly to consider national unity in their choice of Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The group made the call on Tuesday in a statement signed by its chairman, Archbishop of Aba Ecclesiastical Province, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev Isaac Nwaobia and the National Secretary, Bishop Dr. Joseph Ajujungwa.

They said since both the President-elect and his Vice are Muslims, the two NASS leadership positions should be given to Christians to create an atmosphere of unity.

“We condemn in its totality any group or persons pushing the agenda that the number one, number two, number three and the number four citizens of Nigeria should come from the same faith.

“The Southern Nigeria Christian Vanguard sees this as undermining the resilience of the Christians in Nigeria. We encourage the APC-led Federal Government to shun anyone bringing up this idea as it will lend credence and validate the suspicion of the Islamisation of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian Christians are still trying to swallow the Muslim-Muslim ticket shoved down our throat by APC; another similar act will not be accepted.

“We totally support the candidacy of a Christian becoming the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Reps.

“We encourage all Christians that are qualified for the positions of Senate President and Speaker to aspire for these positions.

“Once again we believe Nigeria will be great again. We look forward to a better and prosperous Nigeria,” the Christian group stated.

While calling on the citizens to pray for the country, the group urged the judiciary to be fair, honest and credible in handling the various election petitions before them.

“Let them be reminded that the Judiciary is still the hope of the common man.

“Nigerians and the whole world are expecting them to show a high level of integrity, fairness and honesty in the handling of these petitions.

“They should shun inducement, bribery and any act of wickedness in the delivery of their judgements,” they further stated

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