Allege Leaked Video of Married Akwa-Ibom Assembly Member-elect Trend online

Allege Leaked Video Of Married Akwa-Ibom Assembly Member Trend Online

Jun 14, 2023

Former Executive Chairman of Urue Offong/Oruko L.G.A in Akwa Ibom State and Elected to the House of Assembly, Hon. (Mrs.) Precious Selong (JP), has recently become a trending topic online due to a video that has allegedly been leaked by her “Sugar Boy.”

Following her successful election to the constituency seat, a video purported to show Hon. Precious Selong engaged in intimate activities began circulating widely on various social media platforms. The video, which involves a married woman, gained significant attention and sparked a wave of discussions among internet users.

While some individuals dismissed the video as the handiwork of troublemakers seeking to tarnish the reputation of the former council leader, it has nonetheless generated significant controversy and public attention. The leaked video has prompted debates about privacy, morality, and the impact of social media on public figures’ personal lives.

Hon. Precious Selong, known for her political achievements and leadership roles, has previously held the position of Executive Chairman of Urue Offong/Oruko L.G.A. Her successful transition to the House of Assembly demonstrated her popularity and support within her constituency. However, the leaked video has introduced an unexpected twist to her political career, leading to speculation about its potential consequences on her reputation and future political aspirations.

As the video continues to circulate online, various individuals and groups have expressed divergent opinions regarding its authenticity, motivations behind its release, and the appropriate response from the public. While some have criticized the invasion of privacy and the dissemination of explicit content, others have engaged in discussions regarding the moral implications of the actions depicted in the video.

The incident involving Hon. Precious Selong serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by public figures in an age of instant communication and viral content. The convergence of technology, politics, and personal lives has resulted in a complex landscape where reputations can be easily tarnished or protected based on the spread of information online.

Hon. Precious Selong, meanwhile, may find herself navigating through this challenging situation as she seeks to address the allegations, maintain public trust, and continue her political career. The fallout from the leaked video raises important questions about privacy, gender dynamics, and the influence of digital media in shaping public perceptions of individuals in positions of power.

It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Hon. Precious Selong’s political future and whether she will be able to overcome the controversy surrounding the leaked video. Nonetheless, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for both public figures and society at large, highlighting the need for responsible online behavior and the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy, regardless of their public status.

According to a source who wished to remain anonymous, it was blackmail, .

“It’s their way of getting money from her; why did you reveal her again?”

He declared, “It was obviously sponsored by political rivals.”

Additionally, he revealed that numerous other prominent state politicians are dealing with the same problems with leaked videos

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