Disciplined Brazil down unlucky Nigeria 2 – 0

Brazil vs Nigeria summary: score goal, scores, stats and updates, FIFA U-20 World Cup
In a tightly contested match, it was the South Americans who showed their quality in front of goal when it counted most.

Disciplined Brazil down unlucky Nigeria 2 – 0

Football can be a funny game. You can play well in attack, organize yourself in the midfield and be vigilant in defense, but in the end in a matter of moments and on the back of minute details, you can end up paying a heavy price.

That would be a fair way to describe what happened to Nigeria in a match against Brazil in which they were neither superior or inferior. Indeed, the Super Eagles were unlucky not to score what would have been a wonderful goal in the early stages of the match, after a spectacular volley from Jude Sunday hit the crossbar. To that end they actually out possessed and out shot Brazil for the majority of the first half, before the the Selecao scored two quick fire goals in the closing minutes of the half. A header from Pedroso, followed by a classy counter attack which was finished by Marquinos from close range.

Speaking of Brazil, we should definitely mention the fact that the boys in yellow and blue definitely showed their quality tonight. With solid performances from players like Savio, Biro and Marquinos, it was clear that they were always going to be a problem for the Africans. Interestingly, it was not due to the flicks and tricks normally associated with them, but rather an all-round efficiency and aggressiveness in everything they did. Whether in attack or in defense, Brazil demonstrated an urgency and discipline that was quite frankly the difference between the two teams.

With the result, Group D has now been blown wide open. Brazil will go to the next round with 6 points, Italy will go forward in 2nd on the same tally and Nigeria will have to settle for a best 3rd placed finish as they’re goal difference is inferior to the Italians. Incredible to think they started the day sitting atop the group.

With that, we hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Group D final game and we wish you a good night!

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