EDHA Steps into Ambrose Alli University Petition purportedly sacking workers

EDHA Steps into Ambrose Alli University Petition purportedly sacking workers.

EDHA and Ambrose Alli University Petitions.

Edo State House Of Assembly today, resolved that all issues and petitions bothering the state-owned Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma(AAU) and its Special Intervention Team(SIT) will be harmonized by its Standing Committee for consideration and necessary action.

The resolution followed similar petitions against the Institution’s Special Intervention Team being considered by the House.
The decision for the Harmonisation of the petitions bothered on their similarities and the recommendations by the House standing committee on Education.

In their debates Majority Leader Rt.Hon Henry Okhuarobo and Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon Roland Asoro observed that since three petitions against the AAU and the Special Intervention Team are similar it was expedient that the petitions be stepped down, for all to be considered and harmonized on the next adjourned date.

The Speaker, RT. Hon. Marcus Onobun observed that the leadership of the Special Intervention Team of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma at some point deviated from its mandate of the Law establishing the institution by choosing to disengage whoever it wants as if it’s a private institution.
He said the House will rise to its responsibility and take a resolution to communicate with those involved by giving them time to do the needful while the recommendation bothering on dismissals in AAU be stepped down for a holistic report to be done.

The one-point recommendation of the House standing committee on Education on petitions against the AAU and its special intervention team was subsequently stepped down for consideration and Harmonisation on the next adjourned date.
The House also at the committee of whole considered the Seven findings and one point recommendation in a petition bothering on unlawful dismissal from service based on malice and hatred signed by Dr. Peter Usunobun Odiagbe.

The report presented by the Chairman House Standing Committee on Public Petition who is also the Chief Whip, Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa recommended that the petitioner Dr. Peter Usunobun Odiagbe before his dismissal headed the General Hospital in Igueben be reinstated on compassionate grounds.
The House upheld the one-point recommendation of the reports.

The plenary was thereafter adjourned to 23rd May 2023, after an adjournment motion moved by Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa and seconded by Hon. Yekini Idaiye.

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