Edo Guber: Why Governor Obaseki Is Scared Of Philip Shaibu

Ahead of PDP primary in Edo state, Many speculate that the governor Godwin Obaseki is growing increasingly scared of his deputy Hon Philip Shaibu due to his rising popularity ahead of the Edo governorship election. Obaseki’s candidate, Asue Ighodalo, appears to be losing favor among the Edo people who are now rallying behind Shaibu to restore Edo to it’s lost glory.

Philip Shaibu has gained immense popularity in recent times due to his dedication, commitment, and numerous achievements as the Deputy Governor of Edo State. He has been actively involved in several development projects and has shown an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people. This has endeared him to many, making him a favorite among the masses.

On the other hand, Asuen Ighodalo, who is Obaseki’s preferred candidate, seems to lack the charisma, popularity, and connection that Shaibu possesses. This is evident in the public’s preference for Shaibu, as they believe he would be a better choice to lead the state.

Governor Obaseki, who was once popular among the people, has faced a decline in his support due to a series of controversial decisions and disagreements with party stalwarts. This has made him increasingly reliant on Shaibu’s popularity to boost his chances of winning the upcoming election.

The governor’s fear of Shaibu is not unfounded. The people’s acceptance and preference for Shaibu could potentially disadvantage Obaseki’s campaign if he does not address the growing dissatisfaction and disillusionment among the people.

Ultimately, the decision lies with the Edo people. Their choice will shape the future of the state, and it is crucial that they make an informed decision based on the candidate’s track record, character, and ability to deliver on their promises. And that’s what Philip Shaibu has.

Support and Nominate Rt Hon Philip Shaibu as PDP Governorship Candidate.



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