Edo Political Conscience Movement Congratulates Hon. Prince Odi Okojie on inauguration into 10th National Assembly


Patrice Odiboh – Chairman Edo Political Conscience Movement

Members of the Edo Political Conscience Movement heartily congratulate Hon. Prince Odi Okojie on the occasion of His inauguration into the the 10th National assembly of the federal republic of Nigeria today the 13th day of June 2023.

The congratulatory message which was signed by Hon. Patrice Odiboh, Chairman of the movement was delivered to him at his residence in Abuja today.

It was a sweet savoury of the moment as friends, business associates and well wishers thronged the residence to register their joy and delight on this auspicious occasion.

In the message of congratulations and good will on behalf of members of the Edo Political Conscience Movement, The Chairman of the movement expressed confidence in the ability of Hon. Prince Odi Okojie to deliver on his promises to the good people of Esan South East and Esan North East Federal constituencies who sent him there.

The Chairman of the movement also express the desire of members of the movement to support him in his quest for a better life for his constituencies and Edo state at large.

In his remarks, the Honourable member assured the chairman of his commitment to his people and to Edo state at large. He remarked that this is just a stepping stone to greater achievement for the state and his people.


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