German Doctors Are Attempting To Reverse Death And Resurrect Humans

German Doctors Are Attempting To Reverse Death And Resurrect Humans

June 22, 2023

Tomorrow Biostasis, a cryopreservation startup based in Germany, is experiencing a surge in demand as its waiting list reaches the hundreds. With approximately 10 bodies already preserved in their laboratory, the company faces the challenge of what comes next in the process.

According to a recent report from Tech.Eu, Emil Kendziorra, one of the co-founders, has been actively working to launch Europe’s first cryogenics company. While several cryonics companies already exist in the United States, Kendziorra aims to establish a unique service.

As soon as an individual passes away, Tomorrow Biostasis promptly responds to preserve their body and/or brain in a state of stasis. The ultimate goal is to utilize future advancements to reverse the person’s original cause of death, effectively bringing them back to life and extending their lifespan.

Kendziorra revealed that the company currently has “about 10 people” cryopreserved for training purposes and hundreds more eagerly awaiting their turn. The average age of their clientele is 36, predominantly comprised of individuals working in the tech industry. This demographic preference is not entirely surprising, given the industry’s propensity for innovation and forward-thinking.

Interestingly, some individuals on the waiting list express a desire to have only their brain preserved, speculating that their future selves might prefer a new 3D-printed body or even forgo a physical form altogether.

When it comes to long-term storage, the bodies are transported to Rafz, Switzerland, where the European Biostasis Foundation oversees the process. To ensure legal compliance, the procedure is technically considered a scientific body donation. The bodies are cooled to an astonishing -196 degrees Celsius and carefully placed inside an insulated tank containing liquid nitrogen, effectively sealing the preservation process

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