God involved in my arrest over rival’s death, says cult leader

God involved in my arrest over rival’s death, says cult leader

18th June 2023


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A set of twins, Taiwo and Kehinde Adeleke, and a suspected cult leader, Ibrahim Qudus, arrested for the death of one Abiodun Apalara, said to be a member of Alora Confraternity and allegedly killed by some suspected members of Black Axe confraternity also known as Aye, talk to BOLA BAMIGBOLA about the incident

What is your involvement in the killing of a man in Ese Oke?

My name is Ibrahim Qudus. I am 26 years old and I am from Ipetu Ijesa. On the day of the incident, I had an examination in the morning. I went to take it. I have a friend living in Ilesa, while I was staying in Ijebu Jesa. He used to pick me up in the morning and drive me back home after school hours. After taking the morning examination that day, I called him to ask when he would be going back home, but he told me someone took his car out.

I told him to inform me whenever the person returned the vehicle. At about 2pm, he came to tell me that his car was available and that we could start going home. I entered the car and we moved. On getting to the Bola Ige park in Esa Oke, the road was blocked. I thought members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers were fighting. We manoeuvre our way and take another route. As we were trying to navigate our way, one of the car’s tyres was punctured. We parked and we were trying to push the car to one side when some NURTW members came and accused us of killing someone.

Who else was at the scene?

I saw a policeman that I was familiar with and I ran toward him. He listened to my explanation and told me to sit on the ground and I complied.

Which cult group do you belong to?

I am a member of Aye, but I didn’t know about what happened the day someone was killed.

How did you join the group?

On the day I joined, I was told we were going for a birthday party not knowing they wanted to initiate me into a cult group.

What are your duties as the leader of your group?

My duty as number one is to coordinate how things will go. I coordinate activities. My duty doesn’t go beyond that.

Why did the NURTW members point at you as the killer?

I didn’t know the car I was traveling in was the one used to perpetrate the crime. That was what brought me here (to the police).

What is your rank in the cult group and how many people have you killed?

I have never killed anybody before. I am the leader of Aye in Esa Oke. I joined the group last year. The person who initiated me is dead now. He died in an accident.

What happened to the owner of the car you were in on the day you were arrested?

I can’t explain how he managed to escape from the scene after our vehicle was stopped by those drivers. I feel bad that I was arrested but I know that is how God wants it to be. If I had been aware, I wouldn’t have allowed them to kill the deceased. But I didn’t know anything about the death.

You were arrested in connection with the death of a suspected member of a cult group, Alora Confraternity. What is your connection with the group?

My name is Taiwo Adeleke. I am a student. I was walking inside my school campus in Esa Oke, with my brother when some people called us. We didn’t know they were Alora boys.

What did they do to you after that?

After moving around with them for hours, we got to a place and they stopped. They told us we were going to take an oath and that we must not tell anyone. We were told to kneel and close our eyes. They gave us something like kola nut to eat.

Not human flesh?

No, it was like kola. After that, we didn’t go to meet them or move with them again, since we knew they were cultists.

What happened on the day someone was killed in Esa Oke?

On April 27, the day of the incident, I was going to take an exam, but my brother was at home. He didn’t have any exams. On my way, I met Alora cult members on my way to the examination venue and they stopped me.

What did they tell you?

They asked me why we had been avoiding them and I told them we didn’t know they wanted us to join their cult initially, and that we wouldn’t have followed them on the day they initiated us. They collected my phone and I went to take my examination. At about 4pm, when I went to collect my phone, I heard they had killed someone and I decided not to go for my phone.

Who was the person killed and who killed him?

It was the Aye confraternity that killed the man. The man they killed belonged to our cult group.

How did you know the person that was killed since you said you had not been attending cult meetings?

I knew he was one of our members because he was killed at the Alora meeting spot. The place is called Edinburgh.

Where did you go after you left school?

After the incident, I went to sleep at a friend’s apartment.

Where did the police arrest you?

The police came to arrest me there. My brother was also not at the scene where the incident happened.

Why were you arrested by the Osun State Police Command?

My name is Kehinde Adeleke. I am a student. My brother and I are National Diploma II students.

We were arrested for being members of a cult group.

How did you join the group?

He (pointing to his twin brother) was the one that forced me to join the Alora boys. He told me to follow him to meet them. After the first meeting, I stopped attending other meetings.

Where were you on the day of the incident?

On the day of the incident, I was at home. I was sick. I don’t know anything about it. Our parents are in Osogbo.

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