The idea of governance was born out of the desire to make collective efforts in addressing the challenges confronting mankind; as recorded in ancient books. It was thought out that when “we the people” agrees to see that some of the challenges of good life can be solved if and when our aggregate efforts are put out; life could be better.

It went further to proposed for a documented LAWS to guide some areas of lives, especially relating to how we can live together in such a way that each of us can make individual and collective progress.

This law was the basis of the first constitution ever written.Let us try to draw analogical assessment of Buhari and Obaseki at the federal and state levels respectively; what could these people have in minds for the citizens for good lives?

The situation of the country at moment call for a popular PEACEFUL REVOLUTION!

Government is the problem. Buhari told Nigerians that president Jonathan cannot get it right anymore as his government has lost control of the nation ship sailing. He said the errors in government at federal level shall be made to work again when given that power to direct her course.

Here we are; after 8yrs in office, Buhari has made Nigeria the capital of corruption and the most indebted country of the World.

He has incapacitated the incoming government financially and has projected democracy to be uninteresting exercise. His government has failed in all facet of our national life.

This was why Tinubu could not use Buhari achievement to campaign for his election aspiration. What a legacy?
Now; look at Obaseki at the seat of power in Edo state, He was trapped by the intrigues between him and Oshiomole, his former boss; especially for a struggle to control resources of the state.

PDP was begged and on a sympathy ground, considered and simultaneously given ticket to return to power; He got it. Immediately he settled down; Obaseki want to become the LANDLORD.

Copied from – Ivan Coker Okuekhamen.

EdoPolitical Conscience Movement

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