How Much Are You Being Paid As A Tv Broadcaster, That Is Making You Disrespectful?-Dokubo Asks Oseni

How Much Are You Being Paid As A Tv Broadcaster, That Is Making You Disrespectful?-Dokubo Asks Oseni

July 7, 2023

Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo, in a live video, addressed Rufai Oseni, a broadcaster for Arise , expressing his dissatisfaction with Oseni’s conduct. Dokubo objected to Oseni’s disrespectful attitude towards him on national television and requested him to avoid using the term “militant” when referring to him. Dokubo also accused Oseni of building an exaggerated image of himself as a television broadcaster, while questioning the salary that could possibly be fueling his arrogance. He further commented on Arise , suggesting that it gained prominence through the promotion of various propaganda.

In a recent live video, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo expressed his thoughts on Rufai Oseni, a broadcaster working for Arise . Dokubo questioned the salary Oseni receives as a television broadcaster, suggesting that it may be the source of his perceived arrogance. He firmly requested Oseni to refrain from speaking disrespectfully to him on national television and emphasized that he should never refer to him as a militant. According to Dokubo, Arise was relatively unknown until it began promoting various propaganda.

The Kalabari kingdom’s chief said, “Rufai Oseni, stop talking to me anyhow on national television and don’t ever call me a militant again. You know my full name – Asari Mujahid Abubakar Dokubo – don’t ever add militant to it. Your television station was not known before until you started espousing several propagandas.”

Speaking further, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “I don’t know what gives Rufai Oseni the audacity to talk to people anyhow. He is an ordinary television broadcaster that has built a larger than life image of himself. He boasts and calls anyone any name. I don’t know how much he receives as salary that is giving him such arrogance. How much are you been Paid as a television broadcaster?.”

Dokubo further criticized Oseni, referring to him as a regular television broadcaster who has inflated his self-image. He accused Oseni of boasting and freely labeling others without any justification. Dokubo appeared baffled by the audacity Oseni displayed in his interactions, questioning the reason behind such behavior. He wondered aloud about the amount of salary Oseni receives that could potentially contribute to his sense of superiority

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