…call for the transparent utilization of the FGN’S palliatives by State Governments.

Hon. Prince Odianosen Okojie, a prominent lawmaker and Chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Midstream) in the House of Representatives, underscores that his primary mission in joining the political arena is to uplift his constituents and mitigate their challenges.

During an exclusive discussion with journalists at his office in the National Assembly Complex in Abuja, Hon. Odianosen Okojie shares, “My electoral triumph wasn’t solely due to intellect, but rather a result of divine elevation. My purpose is to serve and elevate my people. My political journey has consistently revolved around improving the lives of my constituents. Although my reasons for entering politics may differ from others, my commitment remains steadfast. This principle guides me both before and during my time in politics. My mandate is crystal clear: to enhance the well-being of my constituents without hesitation.”

Regarding the recent allocation of Federal Government palliative funds to the states ocassioned by the increase in Peteol pump price, the Lawmaker highlights the obligation of state governments to ensure fair and transparent distribution among citizens.

He remarks, “I commend President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration for initiating the palliative program to address the challenges faced by citizens. The removal of fuel subsidies affects everyone, irrespective of their financial standing. The Federal Government’s approach to palliatives is commendable. However, the effective distribution largely rests with the state governments. I trust that they will transparently allocate these funds to those genuinely in need. The target recipients are the vulnerable and marginalized citizens, and given the Federal Government’s commitment to transparency, I hold optimism that the funds will reach the intended beneficiaries”, he stated.

Reflecting on his appointment as the Committee Chairman, he attributed it to his extensive background in the oil and gas sector.

Looking ahead to positive advancements, Hon. Okojie envisions that the operational status of Nigeria’s refineries will lead to decreased fuel costs. He affirms, “As the Chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Midstream), supervising the nation’s refineries is a top priority. The President’s assurance of the Port Harcourt refinery’s operational status by December is reassuring. My committee will assess the progress, aiming to stabilize fuel prices once the refineries are up and running. The core issue behind high fuel prices is the lack of domestic refining, which will be addressed once the refineries are operational”, he added.

Furthermore, the Lawmaker expresses confidence in his party’s prospects for the 2024 Edo gubernatorial elections. He asserts, “Being an active participant in the upcoming elections, I can confidently state that we are well-prepared. The All Progressives Congress (APPC), my party, has a history of success in Edo state. Considering our track record and the victories achieved by my colleagues, I am optimistic about a strong performance in the 2024 gubernatorial elections.”

Providing guidance to aspiring youth, Hon. Okojie emphasizes the importance of persistence, consistency, and transparency. He advises, “Persistence and consistency have been pivotal in my journey. Transparency and dedication have garnered support from those who have contributed to my progress. I encourage young individuals to stay focused, maintain their faith, and excel in their pursuits. Demonstrating excellence will attract the assistance of individuals willing to lend support.”

In conclusion, Hon. Okojie, member representing Esan North East/Esan South East Federal Constituency of Edo State; driven by his principles, shares his dedication to enhancing lives through his political engagement.

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