If Tinubu Thinks The Christian Generals In His Army Are Happy, Let Him Think Twice.”

Captain Babangida once said, “If Tinubu Thinks The Christian Generals In His Army Are Happy, Let Him Think Twice.”
August 7, 2023 Janet Luka

Captain Aliyu Babangida (ret. ), a former military intelligence officer and the CEO of Goldwater Consults, spoke about President Bola Tinubu’s role after a coup in the Republic of Niger in a recent article from Punch Newspaper. Captain Aliyu Babangida provided insight into the frequent military coups that have occurred in West Africa during a conversation with a Punch writer.

Captain Aliyu Babangida emphasized the propensity of West African politicians, whether they are English- or French-speaking, to engage in reckless and exclusive governance when asked about the region’s recurrent military takeovers.

Have you thought about the effects of a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket? Does it encompass or exclude? Imagine serving in the Nigerian military as a Christian and dedicating your life to defending your nation when, out of the blue, a politician running for president on a Muslim-Muslim ticket appears, mocking the risks you’ve taken as a General in charge of troops for at least 25 years.

It was emphasized by Captain Aliyu Babangida that Nigeria is a sensitive nation. He underlined that whereas disputes motivated by economics can be handled more quickly, battles motivated by ideology can last for generations.

In his words, “Ideological conflicts, whether between Nigerians and Nigeriens, Anglophones and Francophones, or religious conflicts like Islam versus Christianity or Islam versus traditional religion, can persist for up to 500 years if they are not managed properly.”

Captain Aliyu Babangida commented on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s conduct, saying, “President Bola Ahmed Tinubu wants Christian Generals in his army to steadfastly face bullets, right? He is free to carry on with his games. While some people might lack the guts to express these worries, it is actually our unwillingness to face these problems that is endangering our nation. Bola Ahmed Tinubu should rethink his position if he thinks the Christian generals in his army are happy.

In essence, Captain Aliyu Babangida discussed President Bola Tinubu’s activities in connection to Christian Generals in the military and offered his opinion on the complicated dynamics of West African politics as well as the potential negative effects of exclusive governance

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