Pensioners are waste material, let them die. If not the high blood pressure, then something else will kill them

Discussion of the most scandalous news of this week

“Pensioners are waste material, let them die. If not the high blood pressure, then something else will kill them

It makes no sense to spend money on old people!”

Deputy Chief Pharmacist

A few days ago, a screenshot of a scandalous message by Halima Kawira, deputy chief pharmacist, was widely distributed on social networks. She deleted her Facebook account. But we still have screenshots which we are demonstrating.

Yesterday it became known that Halima Kawira and the entire management of one pharmaceutical company were dismissed, and an inspection is being carried out there. To understand the essence of what is happening, we invited to the studio the head of the inspection team, a representative of the largest pharmacy chain, “Pharma-M,” and the expert in the field of cardiology.

Chido Nwakamma: How can such a person work in a pharmaceutical company? At whose expense did she buy herself a luxurious mansion and regularly fly to expensive resorts to relax?

Why do such people dispose of the fate of a unique supplement which should be accessible to all citizens, not just the rich?. We are sorting it out.

Chido Nwakamma: “The first question is to Salim Rutto, the head of the inspection team. Salim, how did a person of this kind end up in such a high position?”

Salim Rutto. The head of the inspection team
Salim Rutto: In order for you to understand my situation, I was appointed to the head of the inspection team just three days ago. The previous top staff was fired, including the woman in question. So, at this point in time, she is no longer in the service.

The reason for the mass dismissals, as you know, was suspicions of corruption. My task is to audit all the decisions made. Now, I can say that all decisions made under the old management team need to be reviewed.

Chido Nwakamma: “So not only was she dismissed, but the entire management team as well? What solutions do you have in mind? Can you give an example?”

Salim Rutto: Yes, the entire old management team was fired. As an example, we can cite the question that is raised in the screenshot you provided. There they are discussing an initiative to distribute a new supplement for hypertension among pensioners. According to this initiative, it was planned to launch a special program within the country, according to which people could get the supplement at a minimum price. At the same time, it was planned to prohibit its export since the batch of the supplement was not enough.

But the old leadership made the exact opposite decision. They blocked the idea of an affordable supplement for their own citizens and preferred to sell it abroad. They even managed to sign a contract with Germany for the supply of the supplement. At a price of 1700000 NGN per package. This is despite the fact that they did not even have such a right since the rights to the supplement belong to the Nigerian scientists.

Chido Nwakamma: “Wow, 1700000 NGN per package. Why is it so expensive? How were they going to sell it at the lowest price? The budget just won’t allow such expenses.”

Salim Rutto: 1700000 NGN—this is the price they put up to the Germans, and they agreed. Halima Kawira was right here; they are really ready to send almost any money abroad.

The reason is simple: it is the only supplement in the whole world that can help people to improve their cardiovascular system, returning them to a healthy state. You probably already know that heart disease is the cause of two-thirds of deaths in the world. With this supplement people won’t need surgery. A person’s blood pressure ceases to rise, blood vessels improve, which means that he\she will live much longer.

The cost of the production of the supplement, as far as I know, is 63000 NGN. The supplement itself was planned to be given to people under the program at a minimum price.

Chido Nwakamma: “Question to Mark Omollo: What is it about this supplement that they are willing to buy it abroad at such a price? It’s insanely expensive — 1700000 NGN per package.”

Mark Omollo. Expert in the field of cardiology
Mark Omollo: This is a supplement that the team of Nigerian scientists has been working on for more than ten years. The output turned out to be a unique supplement that is able to improve the human cardiovascular system. Roughly speaking, to return it to its original state. Even if a person has severe heart and vascular diseases. Heart failure, stroke, and heart attack are the causes of two-thirds of deaths in the world. The supplement allows you to prevent complications. Hence the insane demand.

Chido Nwakamma: “What exactly does it do?”

Mark Omollo: This is a complex supplement that acts on the entire cardiovascular system at once, simultaneously solving several tasks.

It cleans the vessels from contamination and dissolves blood clots. THANKS TO A UNIQUE SUBSTANCE: ALPHAHYDROCALCIFEROL. FOR THE DISCOVERY OF THIS SUBSTANCE, JAPANESE SCIENTISTS RECEIVED THE NOBEL PRIZE IN 2011. Cholesterol, fatty deposits, and blood clot plugs—all this is a thing of the past. What is important is that the ischemic artery is also cleaned, which reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.

Starts the process of regeneration of the heart muscle. The damaged areas are being restored, and the heart valves, which usually suffer greatly due to hypertension, are returning to normal.

Restores damaged vessel walls and strengthens them. Prevents the risk of vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage. In general, the vessels become healthy and elastic, as in youth. THE SUPPLEMENT CONTAINS MACRO- AND MICROELEMENTS AS WELL AS VITAMINS USEFUL FOR THE HEART AND BLOOD VESSELS.

As a result, there is a restoration of the human cardiovascular system. And a person returns to a healthy state. As confirmed by multi-stage tests, the supplement helps even in the case of an extremely serious condition in the patient. If you have coronary heart disease and pressure jumps, arrhythmias, and tachycardia at the same time, the supplement will still help. An important point is that hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, will be removed. Which is the root cause of all heart and vascular diseases.

Chido Nwakamma: “Can you take a break here? High blood pressure is commonplace for most people and you say that it is the cause of heart and vascular diseases. Can you explain?”

Mark Omollo: That’s why almost 70% of deaths are caused by heart and vascular diseases. Because everyone thinks that high blood pressure is normal.

At the same time, it is precisely because of increased pressure that all diseases of the cardiovascular system begin to develop. All deaths due to heart failure, heart attack, or stroke are the fault of the jumping pressure.

Chido Nwakamma: “Why is it so dangerous?”

Mark Omollo: To put it very briefly, the pressure begins to rise due to the stagnation of blood in the small arteries. The body needs to push the blood at the right speed further, and thus it provides what is required.

Due to pressure surges, the walls of large arteries begin to get damaged. Cholesterol and other fatty plaques begin to settle at the sites of damage. Atherosclerosis appears.

1)This leads to coronary heart disease. 2) The intensity of the surge of pressure in a person increases. Which in turn leads to even more contamination of the vessels.

At the same time, the load on the heart is growing, which wears it out several times faster than it should. As problems with the heart valves begin, arrhythmia and tachycardia appear. Due to high blood pressure, the risk of vascular rupture and stroke increases. A person immediately has a whole set of fatal diseases, which are initially caused only by increased blood pressure. He could die at any moment.

Chido Nwakamma: “How high is the probability of an early death? If, for example, I have blood pressure spikes, how long will it take from the onset of the disease to death?”

Mark Omollo: If we take into account the methods of treating patients that most doctors use and the drugs that are prescribed to them, then the probability of death is 100%. Unfortunately, there are simply no effective medicines in Nigerian pharmacies right now.

Some of these conditions, such as myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, and stroke, will undoubtedly strike and kill a person.The time from the appearance of the first pressure surges to death is different for everyone and depends on individual factors. A lot depends on your lifestyle, medications, and genetics.

On average, I can say for sure that high blood pressure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system shorten a person’s life by 15-20 years, no less. Someone, for example, could live to 80 but die at 60. The opposite is also true, if the vessels and the heart are healed in time, then you can live much longer.

Chido Nwakamma: “What can we do? Are there effective options? Can we count on the doctors’ help?”

Mark Omollo: It depends on the specific situation. You know that a lot of doctors are, in fact, on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, many of them do not even know that they harm the patient when they prescribe certain medications. They have no idea how dangerous they are.

The other side of the issue is pharmacy chains, where there are practically no effective drugs. Pharmacies, after all, are primarily a business interested in maximizing profits. They are not interested in new supplements that can actually help. Including the development of Nigerian scientists, which was flatly rejected by every single pharmacy in Nigeria.

Just after that, it was decided to launch a program during which everyone, despite the level of prosperity, would be able to purchase a highly effective supplement for the heart and blood vessels. But we received a refusal from Halima Kawira, who also wanted to force us to sell Cardioton abroad, which is beyond reasonable. We have been working for ten years to help Nigerian citizens, not Germans or French.

Chido Nwakamma: We have a representative of the pharmacy chain “Pharma-M” in our studio. Question: Why did you refuse to sell “Cardioton”?

Peter Gakii . Representative of the pharmacy chain “Pharma-M
Peter Gakii: They were not offering a business partnership, but some kind of charity. Sell the supplement with a maximum margin of 10% at a fixed cost. And they also wanted to gradually reduce the purchase price by attracting medical funds. I’m sorry but we have a private business. If the offer is not commercially profitable, then we have every right to reject it.

Mark Omollo: You don’t just have a private business. People’s lives depend on it. After all, they are the ones who buy medicines from you. You are selling obviously ineffective drugs and refusing to sell anything that can damage your profits. I personally attended the negotiations and heard your employees say that our “Cardioton” will bring down sales of all medicines for the heart and hypertension, which account for two-thirds of your profits. It’s disgusting and terrible to make money off of people’s lives!

Chido Nwakamma: Peter, can you comment on this somehow?

Peter Gakii: I’m not sure. I can only say that all the drugs we sell have been certified. If any of them are banned, we will immediately remove them from sale. But everything is done strictly in accordance with the law. As for “Cardioton”, as I said, we have a private business and we cannot be forced to sell something against our will.

Mark Omollo: While people like Halima Kawira worked in the pharmaceutical company, I can imagine how they passed the certification procedure for new drugs there. I hope the new management will also check the drugs present.

Chido Nwakamma: Salim, it turns out “Cardioton” is still in a warehouse?

Salim Rutto: Fortunately, it is not. We have established the direct distribution of “Cardioton”.

Moreover, we have reached an agreement on financing its production from the budget, as it was initially planned.

I want you to understand that there’s no goal to earn money. On the contrary, money from the budget is spent on this supplement. As a result, it became possible to distribute “Cardioton” at a minimum price. Any Nigerian citizen can order the supplement online and have it delivered.

The price of the unique supplement “Cardioton” according to the program is only 24.990 NGN! (which is even lower than its cost price, which is 63000 NGN).

Chido Nwakamma: How can people get Cardioton? Where? Why didn’t you send it to the hospitals?

Salim Rutto: They didn’t send it to the hospitals for fear of banal theft. In the screenshot that you gave at the very beginning, one of the commentators, in fact, suggests stealing and selling Cardioton abroad. Moreover, he offers the others to cooperate. By sending it to the hospitals, we will let the situation get out of control. As my experience shows, most likely, our supplement will be given only to those who can pay well to a doctor.

Therefore, the issue is under strict control. Additionally, each shipment of supplement is controlled by a special commission. To get “Cardioton”, it is enough to leave a request with your name and phone number.

Chido Nwakamma: Did I understand correctly that any Nigerian citizen can get a supplement, which costs 63000 NGN at cost, for only 24.990 NGN?

Salim Rutto: Yes, every Nigerian citizen can apply for “Cardioton” and get it for 24.990 NGN.

But so far, there is enough funding for a batch of 5,500 packages of the supplement. The next batch will already be without financing, so the price will be almost 4–5 times higher! The estimated cost of the next batch for Nigerian residents will be 150000-170000 NGN.

Chido Nwakamma: But while people can still get the supplement for 24.990 NGN.

Salim Rutto: Now there are about 1,500 packages left from the first batch. Demand is growing exponentially. If on the first day only a hundred packages were sold, then on the third day — more than a thousand. Therefore, it is difficult to say how long the supplement will be available at such a low price. Most likely, 1-2 days. Then it will only be more expensive.

Conditions for buying Cardioton at a discounted price:

Must reside in Nigeria. Only residents of Nigeria can get the supplement at the lowest price. Cardioton is NOT sent outside the country.

For personal use only. This is necessary to combat resellers who are trying to buy Cardioton and resell it at a margin of 500-1000%.

To receive the supplement, you need to apply on this page. Your data will be safe. Making an application on this page is a guarantee of the manufacturer’s price and protection from resellers

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