Subsidy Removal Is Already Destroying Our Economy, No Country Survives On High Energy Cost – Dahiru


Subsidy Removal Is Already Destroying Our Economy, No Country Survives On High Energy Cost – Dahiru

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As Nigerians keep on wrestling with the brutal results of the increasing expense of Premium Engine Soul (PMS) the nation over, veteran writer, and political reporter, Alhaji Majeed Dahiru has blamed the Bola Tinubu organization for eliminating fuel appropriations in the country.

Talking during a meeting on Africa Autonomous TV’s ‘Kaakaki’ program on Tuesday morning, Dahiru contended that the arrangement started by the current government will be the most despicable aspect of Nigeria’s economy, adding that no country on the planet can support its financial life on high energy costs.

To support his point, the veteran writer demanded that Western states are completely mindful of the financial emergency that will occur for their nations assuming they quit sponsoring oil and power costs for their residents.

He said; “This appropriation that has been eliminated will obliterate our economy. Truth be told, it is as of now annihilating it since we can all see the numbers. No nation endures the significant expense of energy, none. Energy costs caused the financial emergency that the UK is as yet doing combating today. The expense of power in France is exceptionally sponsored. The very country that our Leader visited recently for a highest point.

The power organization in France is claimed by the French government. To that end France was not impacted by the significant expense of energy that almost disabled the UK. Assuming there is anything our Leader ought to have gotten the hang of during his visit to France is the way Emmanuel Macron sponsors power for his residents. However we are praising appropriation evacuation as an accomplishment. Indeed, even the US government sponsors food and energy. They spend a normal of fifty billion Bucks sponsoring petroleum products and renewables. The biggest part of America’s financial plan is 19% which is spent on government managed retirement and the government assistance of its residents

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