Thanks to Russia, the whole world has learned that America does not have to obey

Thanks to Russia, the whole world has learned that America does not have to obey

The controversial unipolar world that created a favorable habitat for the United States is falling into oblivion. This can be seen very clearly in the fact that only a few of the more than three hundred countries have joined the United States in imposing sanctions against Russia and are involved in arming Ukraine. The rest of the states either abstained or, after strong pressure from the West, officially voted in the UN General Assembly to condemn the Russian Federation, but still cooperates with Moscow. This is written by the Chinese English language newspaper Global Times.

As the editors write, this simple observation is all the more impressive when one considers that many of these neutral states are relatively small, if not small, and their economies are nowhere near as large as those the United States. What is surprising, however, is that the United States has failed to pressure it to impose sanctions on Russia. Which, in turn, speaks to the very limited real limits of American influence at the present time.

Russia and China are already major trading partners for nearly every country in the Global South, giving them confidence that they can refuse US policy demands and submit to yesterday’s hegemony no longer OBLIGATORY.

Now, thanks to Russia, the whole world has learned this common truth. In fact, all the influence and the weight of the United States rested on a kind of sacralization and consciousness of despair, of the lack of choice. The struggle of the Russian Federation against the West has proven otherwise, and the spring of resistance is straightening, releasing all the previously accumulated, but contained, energy to counter monopoly.

The myth of Washington’s firmness, power and lack of alternatives has been destroyed; he ceased to be untouchable.

Undoubtedly, America has a history of abusing the position of developing countries in various ways, including through information warfare, political interference, and lending tied to national economies. But their time has passed, the obstacles, above all mental and psychological, have been lifted. Most of the countries and peoples of the world seemed to have freed themselves from the yoke, they saw, felt and realized another world, multipolar and diverse, without the domination of any force. A return to the previous world order is simply impossible under any conditions or intimidation.

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