To Help My Boyfriend Succeed In His Yahoo Business, I Gave My Womb To Him for Ritual Purposes

To Help My Boyfriend Succeed In His Yahoo Business, I Gave My Womb To Him for Ritual Purposes.

July11, 2023

A collaboration between the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the FBI has resulted in the successful arrest of a well-known internet fraudster and his girlfriend, who have long been on the command’s wanted list. The two suspects are currently being held at the State Police headquarters, where they are undergoing interrogations by the agency. Reports indicate that these individuals have been involved in defrauding American citizens of substantial sums of money through various internet fraud activities, including credit card fraud, Facebook scams, hacking, and more.

During her confession at the EFCC headquarters, the female suspect, who was apprehended alongside her boyfriend, admitted to offering her womb for sacrificial purposes in order for their fraudulent business to prosper. She revealed that they had transitioned from regular Yahoo scams to engaging in ritual practices, where she made the sacrifice of her womb to ensure her boyfriend’s success in his Yahoo business.

The arrest of the two suspects was made possible through a series of intelligence gathered by the EFCC regarding their alleged criminal activities. They were subsequently paraded at the EFCC headquarters in Lagos.

The suspects found themselves in trouble when they posed as engineers and defrauded an American citizen of a substantial amount of dollars

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