Two Neighbors Exchange Wives. Says They Are Tired Of Sneaking Around

According to the video shared by AfrimaxEnglish on YouTube, Christopher and Kelvin were neighbours who became friends.

They constantly visited each other until they started falling in love with each other’s spouse.

Christopher fell in love with Kelvin’s wife, Immaculate while Kelvin fell in love with Christopher’s wife Lilia.

At first, they were sneaking around with each other before they came to an understanding and decided to exchange wives.

The Government approved the exchange and everything became legal. The wives went to their new man with the children.

The exchange made them happier because they didn’t have to be sneaking around anymore.


See reactions as seen on YouTube, Amundan Marline said; “Thank you for this signal, the red card.”

Joan L said: “They are insane, totally insane.”

Nicholas commented: “I’m a Christian, that role wasn’t set by society, that was set by God not to covet your neighbor’s wife. Literally what it says in Exodus chapter 20 verse 17.”

Sassy72 reacted: “We do need to follow God’s rules, first, but he’s right not always conforming to society.”

Sophia Cherrington reacted: “They will be burned in hell if they continue with foolishness, they play with marriage and God sets the rules in marriage not us.”

Blessing Rasak reacted: “Better than fight. Since they are happy about it, it’s no one concern.”

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