Why Will Serving Senator Earn N23M Monthly While Retired General Earns N250k Monthly Pension– Olabode George,

Why Will Serving Senator Earn N23M Monthly While Retired General Earns N250k Monthly Pension– Olabode George


Olabode George, a former national vice president of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has urged the Federal Government to address economic inequalities and unfair distribution of resources and wealth. He expressed his concerns about the existing system that allows retired officials to receive higher pensions than elected officials, emphasizing the urgent need for change. George made these remarks during the fifth annual lecture organized by Freedom Online in Lagos.

In his speech, Bode George strongly criticized the prevailing state of affairs, stating that it was time to put an end to the falsehoods and corruption in the financial administration of the country. He called for a halt to the distribution of the nation’s natural resources and financial prosperity in a manner that perpetuates inequality, injustice, and unfairness for all citizens.

George highlighted the disarray, irrationality, and glaring systematic flaws in the current pension structure, where a serving senator receives N23 million per month, while a former federal permanent secretary receives only N1 million, and a retired general receives a mere N250 thousand as pension. This stark contrast in pension amounts raises serious concerns about the fairness and equity of the system.

Moreover, the former vice president of the PDP raised questions about the distribution of palliatives intended to allete the impact of the removal of gasoline subsidies. He highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in how these palliatives would be allocated and distributed among the citizens, as this is an ongoing topic of discussion.

Olabode George called on the Federal Government to address the systemic failures and rectify the injustices in the distribution of economic resources and pensions. His passionate plea for change resonated during the annual lecture, urging for a more equal, just, and transparent system that benefits all Nigerians.

Source: The Sun paper

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