Nigeria will be in problem if court tries to stop Tinubu

If The Court Tries To Stop Tinubu From Being Sworn In, That Would Bring Problem To Nigeria-Olubamiji Adeosun
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Asiwaju Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress is set to be inaugurated as the president of Nigeria on May 29th. This news is not new to anyone who has been following the political landscape of Nigeria. However, there have been concerns about the possibility of a court injunction preventing his inauguration.



In an exclusive interview with Tribune paper, Nigerian lawyer Olubamiji Adeosun dismissed any possibility of a court injunction stopping the inauguration of the president-elect. He confidently stated that no court in the land has the power to stop the inauguration of the president-elect.

Adeosun’s statement is a reassurance to the supporters of Asiwaju Tinubu and the All Progressive Congress that the inauguration will go ahead as planned. It also highlights the confidence of legal experts in the Nigerian judicial system to uphold the constitution and ensure a peaceful transition of power.

According to him:

“Take for instance, some people are clamouring that before you can become a president, you must win 25 per cent total votes cast in Abuja. It is a fallacy that Tinubu didn’t have the required score. The truth according to the constitution is that to win an election in Nigeria you must have 25 per cent of the total vote cast in the two-third of all the states of the federation including or and Abuja. What the law is saying is that in certain circumstances, you regard Abuja as a state for the purpose of counting.”

“No court will stop the president-elect from being sworn in because he won with 30 states. The court will not do something that would bring problem to the country.” Tribune paper quoted the lawyer as saying during the interview

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