Tinubu’s Swearing in will hold withoutdisqualification

May 29 Inauguration: Disqualification of Tinubu from being sworn in on May 29 will not work -Ayodele
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There have been concerns about the inauguration of Bola Tinubu, the President-elect, on May 29, 2023, due to ongoing Tribunals. However, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Spiritual Director of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has reassured that nothing will prevent Tinubu’s swearing-in. Primate Ayodele even shared his vision for Tinubu’s administration.

In a TikTok video he released today, Primate Ayodele warned social media users against cherry-picking his prophecies to suit their agenda. He advised people to read his full prophecies as some of his messages have clauses attached to them.

Speaking about the Tribunals, he declared that any attempt to disqualify Tinubu and prevent his swearing-in on May 29, 2023, will not work. According to Primate Ayodele, protests, laws, and the constitution cannot stop Tinubu from being inaugurated. However, he foresees mismanagement and misinterpretation of the law under Tinubu’s administration, which will lead to further difficulties.

According to him: “Disqualification, not to be sworn-in come May 29, 2023, will not work; I don’t foresee it. Protest can’t stop it. I don’t see any Law or Constitution that can prevent President-elect to be sworn in. The tribunal can’t stop him. But after his swearing-in, there is going to be mismanagement & misinterpretation of the Law. Things will get harder under Tinubu’s administration”.

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